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Built in Sling Shirts

*Covers M and L size. Height: 155cm to170cm
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  • 1. As everyday clothing, simple design wearable in homes, carehouses, hospitals, and even outside.
    2. wearable in one hand within 10 second and wear off within 1 second.
    3. Enable to fix an disable arm in the built-in arm sling.
    4. Wearable from the top and bottom side.
    5. Wearable for people with both left or right disabilities.
    6. Antibacterial fabric.

  • carewill encourages people who have difficulties with dressing. For peoplehaving such difficulties, a process of dressing is stressful rather than enjoyable.Most of them spend 10 to15 minutes by dressing themselves, or need help fromanother person such as a caregiver, and a family member. Dressing itself givesus a fulfilling life and makes us confident in general. However, it gives patientsmentally pain. carewill solves this problem.
    In addition, under the current coronavirus pandemic situation, assisting withdressing increases the infection risk between the supporting person (a nurse,caregiver, helper, etc.) and the wearer. A survey from nurses revealed that thefunction of shirts worn by patients may affect their motivation for rehabilitation.(Note1) We believe that carewill is a "medical garment" that reduces the risk ofexposure to other people by supporting the wearer's independence in dressing.

    (Note1) Kousuke Tsubota, Kiyonori Oinuma “Effects of Physical Therapy Shirts toBe Expected by Nurses. ― Survey as a Preparation for Product Development”
    Japan Nursing and Rehabilitation Academic Conference “The 32nd JapanNursing and Rehabilitation Academic Conference”

    *We applied for a trademark of carewill, a patent for the function and a designright.

  • Item# 0000

    Main Injuries and Sickness:
    Frozen shoulder, shoulder periarthritis, rotator cuff tear, cervical syndrome,calcific tendinitis.
    Fracture of upper arm, elbow, forearm, or clavicle.
    Whole Body and Joints
    Hemiplegia, articular rheumatism.

  • 100% Cotton.
    Washable in laundry but it’s recommended to use a laundry net.