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Laundry-net Bag / 洗濯ネットバッグ

"Good Design Award 2022" Winning

A bag-type laundry tool integrating a washing net and an laundry basket. Even those who have hemiplegia due to stroke or rheumatism who have disabilities in their finger or hand joints can smoothly transfer clothes from the basket to a washing machine, and after washing, take out and carry them. The fastener is easy to pinch, and open and close. Change doing laundry from painful to enjoyable one.


-Color: White

-Size: Length, width, height *inch : 11.8, 11, 11.8,  good capacity for one-day clothes taken off in winter or fall 

-Weight:  5.3oz

-Material: Polyester 100%

-Producing Country: Japan


【2022年度グッドデザイン賞 受賞】



-カラー: ホワイト

-サイズ:縦、横、高さ *cm 30cm28cm30cm、 秋冬1日分の脱衣にちょうど良い大きさです


-材質: ポリエステル100%

-生産国: 日本